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The MetaWear SDK is a low-cost solution that includes our Bluetooth Sensor Platform and Analytics Tools so you can build competitive products and scale affordably.

Wireless Sensing Platform for Research and Product Development

in Health, Fitness, Commercial, Industrial, Educational, Wellness, Sports, and Wearable Applications

metasensor metawear bluetooth hardware Powerful Hardware

The MetaWear platform is a tiny Bluetooth module that can power complete solutions as small as a button.

meta wear bluetooth sensor sdk Simple APIs

Our powerful APIs let you easily control advanced sensor hardware so you can read data in minutes.

meta wear sensor analytics Analytics Tools

Our services include sensor data processing, gesture recognition, motion analysis, and much more.

Don't Build From Scratch.

Get the MetaWear Platform. Download the SDK and Apps.

MetaWear enables you to build, scale, and manage products quickly and affordably so you can get to market first.

metasensor metawear sensor bluetooth wearable download on app-store metasensor metawear sensor bluetooth wearable download on play-store

Solutions for your Product or Project.

Pick and choose your battery, form-factor, and sensors; then download our SDK to get started.

We offer complete solutions including wearables, motion sensors, health sensors, enviroment and asset trackers.

metasensor metawear sensor bluetooth wearable solution

Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing.

Quick turnarounds for any customization and engineering services you need including Apps, custom sensors, PCBs.

We help you scale your product with advanced manufacturing services.

metasensor metawear sensor bluetooth wearable custom

Sensor Analytics and Design Services.

Use our SDKs for activity tracking, algorithm development, motion processing, sensor data agreggation.

Speed up product development by referencing our examples and sample projects or using our services.

metasensor metawear sensor bluetooth wearable accelerometer gyroscope

Innovative turnkey solutions for embedded Bluetooth Devices

Chose from our most popular SDKs below:

starts at $ 55
Meta Sensors
Heart Rate sensor
Galvanic-skin response
Proximity sensors
Humidity sensor
Asset trackers
starts at $ 45
MetaWear R
Rechargeable battery
Wearable ready
Motion sensor
Weather tracker
Gesture tracker


metasensor metawear sensor bluetooth wearable services2

Ultra-low Power Design

Run your application for extended periods from a coin-sized rechargeable battery.

metasensor metawear sensor bluetooth wearable services3

Data Analysis and SDK

Process and log data, track motion, and run machine learning algorithms on the platform.

metasensor metawear sensor bluetooth wearable services4

Smart Sensor Technology

Ideal for "always-on" applications such as environmental, social, sports, and fitness.

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