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Build prototypes quickly, conduct important research, and deploy competitive products with our plug and play, low-cost Connected Hardware and secure Cloud Platform.

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Bluetooth Sensing Platform for Research and Product Development

in Health, Fitness, Sports, Commercial, Industrial, Educational, Enterprise, and Wearable Applications


Powerful Sensor Hardware

Miniature Bluetooth battery powered sensors include heart-rate, altitude, motion, skin conductivity, acceleration and much more.

Simple App and Hub Software

Powerful Apps let you easily control our sensors so you can read data in minutes or store sensor data in memory for months.

Analytics Cloud Dashboard

Log in to the cloud dashboard for sensor data visualization, data processing, trend analysis, gesture recognition and machine learning.

Sensor Data at Your Fingertips

Simply deploy the sensors, download the App, and in minutes you can analyze your data in the cloud.

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Add Connectivity to Make your Product Smart.

Pick and choose your battery, form-factor, and sensors; then use our tools to get started.

We offer complete solutions including wearables, motion sensors, health sensors, environment and asset trackers.

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Cloud Dashboard and Sensor Analytics.

Use our SDKs for activity tracking, algorithm development, motion processing, sensor data agreggation.

Speed up product development by referencing our examples and sample projects or by using our services.

metasensor metawear sensor bluetooth wearable accelerometer gyroscope

Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing.

Quick turnarounds for any customization and engineering services you need including Apps, custom sensors, PCBs.

When you are ready to grow, we help you scale your product with advanced manufacturing services.

metasensor metawear sensor bluetooth wearable custom

Innovative Solutions for the Enterprise

Solutions for medical trials, asset and cargo tracking, workforce management, and product development.
Choose from our most popular offerings below to get started:

Kit starts at $ 55
Meta Tracker
Cargo and Asset tracking
Shock and Tilt motion
Temperature sensor
Humidity sensor
Light sensor
Kit starts at $ 45
Meta Health
Clinical and Medical tracking
Heart-Rate and GSR sensor
Skin Conductivity sensor
6-axis Motion sensor
Small and Wearable

Contact us for custom solutions and bulk pricing.

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